Bulk CoGoBites

Bulk CoGoBites

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  • 8 Boxes (5 sachets per boxes)
  • Delicious & natural freeze-dried snack
  • Made with coconut milk and natural fruit & berries
  • Perfect lunchbox snack or energy hit on the go!
Order your CoGoBites fix by the Carton!!!

8 Boxes (5 sachets per boxes)

Available in both Mango Peach & Mixed Berry.
Co What? COGO'S!!!

CleanPaleo CoGo Bites are a delicious natural snack made by combining certified organic coconut milk and natural fruit and berries, before freeze drying into bite size pieces. It’s the perfect natural lunch box snack or energy hit.

Additional Uses:

Smoothie bowl topper
Add into your favourite Tea
Sneaky way to get your children off the lollies!

Packaging conditions: CleanPaleo CoGo Bites come in boxes of five 7g packs (they are so light you don't need much more than this!).

Ingredients (Mango Peach): Mango Puree (35%), Certified Organic Coconut Milk, Peach Puree (15%), Carrot Juice, Apple Juice.

Ingredients (Mixed Berry): Apple Puree, Certified Organic Coconut Milk, Banana Puree, Raspberry Juice (10%), Black Currant Juice (5%), Raspberry (4%), Strawberry (4%).