Way ahead of whey

Way ahead of whey

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When picking a protein powder, you may have looked at whey, casein or even vegetarian protein supplements, like soy or hemp. One that is often overlooked, however, is egg-white protein powder. This powder has many benefits as a supplement and may also be superior to dairy or plant-based proteins for certain individuals. 

Whey and casein are both dairy-based, meaning they're not suitable for those with a dairy allergy. Egg-based protein powders are lactose-free, however, meaning they're a good replacement for dairy proteins.  

The proteins in egg whites digest at a moderate speed as opposed to casein and whey which is considered slow-digesting. Because egg-white protein powder digests at a moderate speed, it keeps muscle protein synthesis going for longer than if you consumed just whey on its own.  

One of the most important factors when picking a protein supplement is the amino acid content. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your body can make 10 amino acids, but there are also 9 essential amino acids that must be obtained from food. A food that contains all 10 of these is known as a complete protein. Egg-white powder is an almost perfect complete protein, whereas plant-based protein powders like rice and pea are incomplete.

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