Great tasting, clean, whole food products.

The CleanPaleo range ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding the right mix of products to suit your lifestyle.


"I'm currently working in Antarctica. I took several packets of your awesome cereals for breakfasts. Delish out there even though they were mixed with powdered milk - only option. Many thanks for providing these fantastic products!!"


"I’ve eaten sooo many different varieties of biltong, mostly average to be honest, until today!! Bought a bag of your Chipotle and Garlic and the plain flavoured one too! OMG! Sooooo good guys!!!!"


"Hi guys! I recently ordered your Cacao berry breakfast cereal. I'm not big on brekky so instead I used it as my chocolate treat with full cream for dessert..... O...M....G!!!!! It is to die for! So just thought I'd say thanks for creating such great products! I'll be back to order more for sure!"